TIPS for Residential buildings Part 2(building layout)

Living Room –

  • Leave free walk path along main door to other rooms, as soon as one enter no furniture should obstruct walk way, add tall potted plants to enhance the place;
  • Have ample space in living room such that it receive more natural light and ventilation for free flow of positive energy;
  • To have favorable first impression, choose mood soothing wall colour, organise furniture with convenient seating encouraging peaceful conversation;
  • Avoid site of mirror or any image reflecting object (like glass finish) when you enter the door, you can have a mirror on North wall facing South or on East wall facing West;
  • Having family photograph in living room indicate strong family bonding, picture of couple are not apposite;
  • No seating arrangements under projected beams or opposite main door, preferable have it on west or south-west of the room;
  • Try to accommodate electronic equipments at South East or North West.

Brahmasthan –

  • This place in your house is said to be Vastu purush’s Nabhi (Navel), most sacred place in house and attracts energy flow from all directions hence keep this place open;
  • Identify Brahmasthan as center part of the house when you divide the construction area into 9 equal parts;
  • Avoid constructions of pillar/ beam/ wall/ staircases/ storeroom in this segment;
  • It is allow to be part of living room, dining area, meditation hall, social events like puja or satsang;
  • Do not place heavy furniture in this area, indoor garden, potted plants are good options to decorate this place;
  • Sleeping in Brahmasthan is big NO.

Kitchen –

  • Best location for kitchen is south-east only next option is north-west;
  • Stove to be placed such while cooking one should face East, add as many items possible in red & yellow which represent flam/ fire;
  • Water tap, sink & drinking water should be placed at North East corner of kitchen away from stove, good to have plants at this area, money plant is one good option;
  • Any electronic appliances proposed to fix at South West corner of this room, the lay out must leave space between wall & appliances; best place to have granary as well.
  • Kitchen must not share common wall with bathroom or any overhead water storage;
  • Clean the stove after cooking is over, put aside vessel off the burner, don’t leave unclean utensils in sink (if not possible to wash ever night move them out of kitchen)

Bedroom –

  • Most suitable place for Master Bedroom is South-West segment of house and better to construct this room bigger than other rooms of the house and if it multiple floors it should be on top floor ;
  • It is advisable to have the door on East side wall or North side wall of the room with single shutter and it must not make any cranky sound;
  • Align the Bed to the center of the wall & not to any corner, preference to have head position to East or South, least to West & never to North;
  • Money safe can be placed in North-West (opening to East) or South-East (opening to North), other storage shelves/ wardrobes can be placed on South or West walls;
  • Better to have mirror hidden inside shelves or place it such that your bed is not reflecting in it, place it on North wall facing South or on East wall facing West;
  • Washroom can be build in North-West, its door must not open facing to bed and keep the door always closed;
  • Favorable to have kids room on North-West and placement of bed with head positioning to East;
  • East side room can be used as guest room, avoid bedroom in South-East segment of house.

Keywords: architectural renovations & Elevations: 

Present popular technology of constructing building using Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC) frame structures are long lasting, these structures are sturdy to give shelter to many generation in the same building. House constructed by your father has enough strength to sustain the weather for many years to come. In parallel to our improving living standards we also see changing trends and our lifestyle accordingly, present days it has become quite common that one wish to update their existing homes matching to their lifestyle. It is then when you need assistance of qualified technicians who can renovate your home without disturbing main building structure and fulfill your requirements. Renovation of a building include facelift of the building externally or with interiors redesigning, some projects involve few minor repairs and patch-up work to complete the desired appeal; designer painting on the walls enhance the decorations; changing the old worn off flooring or replacing old fixtures with the latest trendy items should be thoughtful done. It can even involve structural modification like extensions of rooms or redoing the exiting floor plan. New elevation to the existing building is one of the most popular methods to give an old house a refresh look. Wall decorations with Murals in trending design are very popular; walls Murals are a unique way to perk up the appearance of the building. A well mounted craft enhance the elevation of your house. Irrespective of the volume of a project one need to take at most precaution in execution of the work Virinchi team has good records of successful transformation of an old structure to a total new look. Whatever is requirement or type of work we provide best of our services.