TIPS for Residential buildings Part 1 (exteriors)

Main Entrance Gate –

  • Entrance gate must be wide, heavy & strong but should not make any creaky noise.
  • Gate should always open inwards or to the side (never outwards);
  • Best facing are North-East, East, North and North West sides and must never face temple or intersecting roads;
  • Avoid any under-water sump or septic tanks under the main entrance;
  • Ensure Main entrance is well lit throughout, keep surrounding clutter free with no obstructions like pole, tree, wires, vehicles parked;
  • Stirs or lift of the building should not face the main gate;
  • Prefer to have floral/ green plants/ shrubs on sides of entrance gate.

Main Door –

  • Entrance Door must be bigger & heaver than other doors of house, best material is Teak wood.
  • Make the main door a bit higher than ground level and keep number of steps odd.
  • Best facing North, East & North East, Locate entrance at least a feet away from any corner.
  • Have an impressive name plate on entrance of a home with a threshold at main door; it makes sure that you avoid loss of wealth.
  • Main Door must have attractive appearance; avoid keeping main door dull and drab. Titivate with Swastik, Om, Shubh/ Labh and flowers to have pleasant look.

Staircases –

  • Best direction to construct stairs is between – South to West (i.e. from South climbing West/ from West climbing North), external steps from South climbing East;
  • Never construct stairs at North-East this will lead to financial losses, also avoid stairs at Brahmasthan;
  • Steps should go up in clockwise direction and steps count should be odd numbers; shape of steps must be rectangular only round/ semi-circular are not advisable;
  • Avoid Kitchen, Puja room or storing valuable under stairs, storeroom is good option; Basement/ cellar steps must be different from the steps going upper floor
  • Spiral stairs are not good this will affect health of family members, prefer rising on ramp.